Free services for people affected by BPD and their family members


Behaviours presented by people with BPD can be better understood and controlled with education.

Information Session

Welcome and information interviews are conducted by a psychologist by appointment.

Free services for members

School of Life Workshop

Aiming to provide people with BPD with a wide repertoire of instrumental, cognitive skills.

Social Support

Carried out by the Association's Social Worker with the aim of supporting people with BPD.

Career Guidance

This recently implemented service is formalized by an agreement with the SEFCARM, through...

Legal Advice

Our lawyers offer legal advice and assistance in case of need.

Neuropsychological Care

It is possible to request an Evaluation of the Cognitive State of the Person, as well as the possibility...

Caring for Caregivers

We look out for the well-being of the rest of the family and the person diagnosed with PBD.

Group Therapy

The group approach helps patients manage their symptoms and allows them to put ...

Family Therapy

Psychological therapy is provided to relatives of people affected by BPD and/or the family nucleus.

Therapeutic Accompaniment

Therapeutic accompaniment consists of accompanying the patient in their daily life, through their various...

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a technique of peaceful conflict resolution, in which a mediator, in a...

Free services for members

Atención Psiquiátrica

Se lleva a cabo con derivación a profesionales que colaboran con la asociación.

Atención Psicológica Individualizada

Atención a personas afectadas por TP, impartida por psicólogos.

Association for Assistance and Research on Personality Disorders in Cartagena, Comarca and Mar Menor

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